I love my Mac and my Backpack Account. Both together gives me not only the possibility to write my notes and tasks down, but more important to write them down EASILY!

Backpack (affiliate link) is perfect for collecting notes and tasks. But I missed a dashboard-like overview over my tasks, reminders and calendar events and the possibility to edit and search them a bit more Mac-like. In addition I had to attach them a date and sometimes a priority.

Creator of Backboard launched Spootnik!

Would you like to use 37signals' Basecamp and OmniFocus together? More...

Backboard 1.0 is out and FREE.
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Backboard is a wonderful piece of software.
Apple Mac HQ 10/26/2008

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Backpack Calendar

Shows Backpack Calendar Events side by side with List Items and Reminders.


List Items and Reminders

Add, Edit and Search List Items and Reminders across all Backboard Pages.


Prioritize Task Items

Getting focused and attach a date, priority or a Reminder to a List Item.



Add, Edit and Search Notes across all Backpack Pages.


Multiple Account Support

Do you have more than one Backpack account? Enjoy the simple Backboard Account Switch!